Adoption process

Adoption Process

If you would like to meet or adopt one of our animals, please complete the relevant application form for either cats, dogs, horses or roosters.

All cats/dogs in our Shelter Adoption Program have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and vet checked.

Our Adoption Committee (in consultation with Foster Carer if applicable) will assess your application against the needs of the animal you are applying for. If we think your home may provide the right fit for the animal you have applied for, a representative will call you and have a chat on the phone.

The next step is to be invited to a Meet and Greet appointment, where you will meet your prospective new family member. If the meeting is a success and all parties are happy to proceed, an adoption can take place on the day. If the potential new home is local to Bendigo, we have the option to ‘trial’ first, especially with cats entering into a home where there is an existing cat/cats.

If an adoption does not work out for whatever reason, BAWCS will take back the animal at any time, regardless of what time has lapsed. For all adoptions, we insist that the animal is returned to BAWCS if the adoption does not work out or they can no longer care for the animal.